Thursday, August 12, 2010

Granny Camp … Fair Time!

IMG_9548 IMG_9347 IMG_9360 IMG_9366 IMG_9406 IMG_9438 Yes, you’re reading that right.  25 CENTS per ticket.  Now if you’d like to experience $1 per ticket come on down to our Sedgwick County fair….IMG_9470 Hellooooo airplanes….IMG_9472 IMG_9501 On come the propellers…IMG_9506  Good thing Darrin is sitting on that side of the ride:-) …IMG_9563 IMG_9575No cotton candy in a bag or plastic bucket at this fair.  Yep, that’s the real deal….IMG_9630 IMG_9589 IMG_9596 Rug burn on the forehead – don’t ask….IMG_9599 IMG_9601 IMG_9602 IMG_9607 Got Cotton Candy? …IMG_9614 IMG_9628  IMG_9641 IMG_9650 IMG_9660   IMG_9675 IMG_9707I can’t believe that this was my first fair experience in St. Francis.  It’s truly as if I stepped back in time.  Have you ever heard of a county owning all it’s own rides?  25 CENTS per ticket --- I just can’t get over that:-)  The townspeople work in shifts running the rides and games…. no creepy Carnies.  My kids could run and do what they wanted without me being a total wreck as to who was going to steal them.   We will be coming back:-)IMG_9688 …Next up… the parade and DEMOLITION DERBY… oh man!


Playing Sublimely said...

These pics are great, and those cowgirl boots for your daughter?!?!? Oh friend, you must tell where they came from!

The Wrights said...

Awww....what fun! Next year we are road tripping with you!

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