Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little dancing, a little mud, and a WHOLE lot of clorox….

And now presenting, the outstanding ballroom dancing talents of ‘twinkling toes’ Tucker and ‘sultan of swing’ Sawyer performing their version of Dancing with the Stars Siblings…



Evidently, she didn’t get the memo on NO DANCING IN THE MUD PUDDLES….

IMG_7626IMG_7630IMG_7646 It really didn’t look this bad from far away…IMG_7676And this is the part where she realizes what her pants look like…IMG_7660 …and… this is the part where she realizes mom has seen what her pants look like…IMG_7670 Clorox to the rescue!!!!…IMG_7682 “Dancing - Shmancing… I’m more a flower man myself…”IMG_7686


Anonymous said...

These just make me laugh! How fun!

The Wrights said...

See, they do love one another! This is just too cute for words!

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