Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Kitchen is a Mess!

Well, we're at it again. We've finally gotten to the last room in the house that needs updating.......THE KITCHEN! This is the most major adventure yet. New cabinets, adding cabinets, new floor, additional outlets/wiring for lighting. We have been told that the cabinets will be in on Thursday......cross the fingers!! Darrin spent the last part of Spring Break tearing out what was left of the kitchen.....the sink and cupboards. It looks and smells like an abandoned home. The attached pic is where the sink and cabinets used to be.
We have been staying in Cheney with 'Button' and 'Papa' Willey. It's so nice of them to let us stay but I know that having a 2 year old who's into EVERYTHING and a baby who has just started crawling can be a bit overwhelming.
Wade, Brenda, Paige, and Gage Porter came into town this weekend. We had a nice time going out to dinner and then the zoo with the kids. Paige is in the first grade and Gage is just a week younger than Tucker......So fun seeing them grow.

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